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Pundit Prediction Date Made Date Due Vote Until Link/Source Boldness My Vote
RNG Roger NFL: Seahawks will repeat as Super Bowl Champion next year 02/02/14 02/02/15 06/30/14 RNG TBD Vote Now
RNG Roger NFL: Peyton Manning will retire during this offseason 02/02/14 08/30/14 Closed RNG TBD Closed
RNG Roger Bill Cowher will be an NFL head coach at the start of the 2014 season 12/31/13 09/01/14 Closed RNG TBD Closed
RNG Roger NFL: Jason Garrett will still be the Cowboys' head coach at start of 2014 season 12/15/13 09/01/14 Closed RNG TBD Closed
Pat Kirwan NFL: 'Hitting with the crown of the helmet' penalty will be called less than 80 times this season 08/30/13 02/02/14 Closed SI.com TBD Closed
Mike Silver NFL: Reggie McKenzie will not be the Raiders GM in next year's draft 08/27/13 04/27/14 Closed NFL.com TBD Closed