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John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is the creator, executive producer, and host of The McLaughlin Group.

Calls Tracked: McLaughlin Group (October 2010 - )

Tracked Since: October 2010
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Best Predictions

  1. 1.
    Leon Panetta = new Secretary of Defense AND David Petraeus = new Director of CIA
  2. 2.
    Italian stocks will rise at least 10% over the next year
  3. 3.
    Romney will lead in the Gallup poll on Tuesday

Worst Predictions

  1. 1.
    Romney will get 281 electoral votes
  2. 2.
    Hillary Clinton will be new head of World Bank
  3. 3.
    Romney's VP Pick: Rob Portman
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Prediction Date Made Date Due Vote Until Link/Source Boldness My Vote
Immigration reform will NOT happen during Obama's presidency ('definitely' = you agree) 06/19/14 01/20/17 08/30/14 McLaughlin Group tbd Vote Now
United States and Canada will merge by 2050 04/18/14 12/31/50 12/31/14 McLaughlin Group tbd Vote Now
Russia will annex a portion of Eastern Ukraine (by March 2015) 03/28/14 03/28/15 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Bill de Blasio's approval rating will drop below 35% by July 4 03/25/14 07/04/14 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Helle Thorning-Schmidt will lose in next Danish election 01/31/14 09/14/15 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Obama's approval rating (Gallup or RCP) will fall below 35% in 2014 12/13/13 12/31/14 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Three women, including Hillary Clinton, will run for the presidency in 2016 11/08/13 11/08/16 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Obamacare's individual healthcare mandate will be delayed by one year 11/01/13 01/01/14 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Edward Snowden will not go to trial by 12/31/15 ("definitely" = you agree) 08/09/13 12/31/15 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
Within two decades, voting in U.S. presidential elections will be mandatory 06/07/13 06/07/33 Closed McLaughlin Group tbd Closed
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Prediction Date Made Date Due Outcome Link/Source Boldness My Vote
Nielsen Ratings for Obama's 2014 SOTU will be lower than all his previous ones 01/13/14 01/28/14 McLaughlin Group Medium-Low Closed
There will be new sanctions on Iran before the end of 2013 11/29/13 12/31/13 McLaughlin Group Medium Closed
Australia Election: Tony Abbott will defeat Kevin Rudd 09/06/13 09/07/13 McLaughlin Group Low Closed
Anthony Weiner will withdraw from NYC mayoral race 07/26/13 11/05/13 McLaughlin Group Medium-Low Closed
U.S. unemployment rate will drop to 7.0% by December 31, 2013 06/21/13 12/31/13 McLaughlin Group Medium-High Closed
Immigration reform will pass and become law by December 31, 2013 06/14/13 12/31/13 McLaughlin Group Medium Closed
Ken Cuccinelli will win the Virginia gubernatorial election 05/17/13 11/05/13 McLaughlin Group Medium-High Closed
Guantanamo Bay prison will be shut down by January 1, 2014 04/26/13 01/01/14 McLaughlin Group Medium-High Closed
Dow Jones will reach 16000+ by September 1, 2013 04/12/13 09/01/13 McLaughlin Group Medium Closed
Obama's Gallup approval rating will top 60% by St. Patrick's Day 02/08/13 03/17/13 McLaughlin Group Medium-High Closed
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